Welcome to Impact Association Management!

Impact Association Management specializes in the management of homeowner and condominium associations of all sizes. Our number one core value is providing responsive, effective and proactive customer service. We pride ourselves on being accessible to all our clients and providing speedy solutions. We always answer the phone because customer service is what makes an IMPACT!

We have been managing Association's since 2005 and continue to grow our client base at a rapid rate. At Impact Association Management we share your vision for a smooth running Association, and our experience working with other Associations will be a valuable resource for you and the Board of Directors to rely on.


Effective immediately, October 22nd 2014, we are changing our mailing address to our secured mailbox at our physical address:

9506 4th St. NE Ste. 101
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
We are no longer going to be using PO Box 1158 as our mailing address.

Please send all future dues payments or correspondence to our physical address listed above. If you are sending payments via bill pay through your bank or through another service, please make sure to get the mailing address updated immediately.

We will continue to check our PO Box for the next few weeks during this transition period, but then we will be stopping service to that PO Box.

Thank you!